H&M Please Re-use!


Dear All,

H&M was recently caught destroying clothes to make room for more in the store. They were destroying them instead of giving them a way to the homeless, keeping them on sale, or best of all, RE-USING THEM! Their company is huge and they could absolutely do a re-used line of their left over pieces! If not, I Know Left Over Green Beans would gladly take the fabric and do something fabulous with it!!

I am a huge H&M fan!! and when reading the New York Times this morning I was so heartbroken to find this article. I am very glad to hear that they have apologized for this. And I hope this becomes a lesson to all. Without clothes, bring them to use clothing stores, donate them or best of all re-use them! We are glad to give people tips of great easy things you can do with old clothes, or we will absolutely take them and make something.

View the Rest of the Article: H&M says they will no longer Destroy Unworn Garmets!

We are always willing to help re-use. Especially your old clothes H&M!


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