BCA Fashion Show 2010


Thank you so much to everybody who came out last night for the Breast Cancer Awareness Fashion Show 2010. We had a great turnout and raised a huge chunk of money for breast cancer research! We want to thank everybody who chose to fight and participated in the show.

But on that note, we OPENED the show! And it was fabulous! 4 pieces from our new collection (including Mirabella) Made their way down that gorgeous pink runway. First modeling was Samantha Wynn our new Green high waisted striped skirt with a crochet tube top with gold stitching and our fun yellow roses headband. Next was Dekoa Field wearing the venetian lace shift dress! Katya Baker-Lavine who is one of the models for our website wore our awesome new yellow rooster high waisted shorts and a crochet top. And last but not least, Lila hood wore Mirabella topped off with some white hydranga’s, Thank you to all our models you guys are fabulous!!

Here are some pictures from backstage and all around we’ll upload some from the runway photographer later!

Our runway photographer was amazing Allie Tishgart. Fabulous artist, fabulous friend.


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