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We are Josy and Aza, the founders and designers of Left Over Green Beans. We are two girls who grew up together dreaming of having our clothes published in magazines such as Vogue and W. Now, 15 and 16 years of age we are embarking on a journey we have been fantasizing about since we learned to draw and sew. 
This blog will trace the adventures of Left Over Green Beans, Aza, Josy, and all the people we will meet in between.
Thank you!
♥, Josy and Aza

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Leftover Green Beans Blurb:

The Leftover Green Beans line is completely made from vintage materials such as leftover vintage fabrics, hand crocheted curtains, deconstructed clothing, and hand-made trims. Josy Hamren and Aza Ziegler, friends who have grown up together, find pieces that they love in flea markets and grandmothers’ closets and put them together to create totally unique garments. Theirs is a dynamic creative process full of surprises and discovery. And although the pieces come from many sources their shared vision results in a line that is unmistakably “Josy and Aza”. 

♥, Josy and Aza